mandag den 28. januar 2013

The Reward I created for my bachelor 2012!!! I was the director along with Kenneth Ladekjer and a great team, see the credits.

The Reward - The movie

Mikkels Mainz - Making of Reel (Direction).

team members work:
3.03 - Upper right storyboard is made together with Karen Bennetsen
3.37 - Color script made by paolo Giandoso
3.55 - Layout and BG by Karen Bennetsen and Esben
4.20 - 2 animation tests by Kenneth Ladekjer (run and beam)
6.00 - Music by Mathias Winum
6.27 - BG and comp. by Paolo Giandoso
6.41 - BG and comp. by Jonas Andreassen
6.46 - Bg by Tanja Hass Nielsen and comp by Paolo Giandoso
6.56 - T-shirt and Poster by Me and kenneth Ladekjer, color by Glen August
Small recordings made along with my good friend Kasper Schluter

                                  Vito and Wilhelm (AKA. Mikkel Mainz and Kenneth Ladekjer)

New sketches from the mainz! Some Water colors I have made in paris, Thailand, malaysia, Bali and Denmark. enjoy!